Satisfaction Values in Sheet Photo

When one looks at a photograph, what exactly is he looking at? Just picture or story in the picture? Or a specific message from the symbolization of the picture? Or certain memories?

Basically, a photograph is an expression of media to communicate a photographer to the observer of the photo. A photograph is an expression of the language of images / visual person. If we direct the camera to a particular object, in the mind of the photographer will appear showing the picture desire to "someone". Someone here could himself as a connoisseur, as well as the public at large. Desire tell sometimes be a person needs. So by the time that photo becomes a tool to communicate, as a medium for storytelling.
With photos, a person can more accurately tell about an event, activity, expression, memories, nostalgia, even sharing an idea or ideas. If the expression language that was not clear, the meaning of these events became blurred.

To be able to express through photographs, the grammar used must be appropriate to the context. Grammar in the visual language of photography includes the application of techniques, composition, and lighting, as well as aesthetics. The proper application led to an observer will understand and appreciate the meaning of the phrase photographer.

Many kinds of information that can be disclosed photographer told his audience, hence the terms and categories in photography that refers to the object of shooting, such as landscape photography, photographs of children, photo model, photo still life (natural objects), product photos, photos of architecture, etc. In addition, it appears also the term in photography institute for shooting purpose, eg commercial photo, photo art, photo documentation, photojournalism, photo salon, and so forth.

Nevertheless boxing that category relative. In a sense, a photograph can be multiple categories. A photo Mbah Maridjan can mean the photo documentation for Mbah Maridjan itself can be a photo of the ad (commercial) for Sido Appears and can be photojournalism for the photojournalist. The emphasis on the category can be confusing for beginners because it is more important is the emphasis on shooting purpose and the underlying concept of the photo shoot. However, if poorer used for other purposes and adequate, why not?

However simply a goal shooting, then that should be considered is the camera operating skills. Mastering the skills camera is mandatory. Each camera has its own characteristics, therefore a camera that we have to understand how it works.

To understand the workings of the camera, is relatively easy, by studying its manual book. In the camera operation manual, complete written how to use a camera and how to treat them. Follow the instructions carefully, then we are guaranteed to be an expert on the camera.

Understand how to work the camera, just a basic skills. The next requirement to be able to speak a visual language of photography is a skill set composition. The setting composition is an important factor for an image to be rated the quality of how to prepare the existing picture elements. Where to put the main object, how to make the main object stand out, who becomes the center of attention, how to set the tone, color, shape, and so on.

Another basic skill is lighting. Although photography needs light, but not just any light that can make up the image. There is plenty of light settings, which underlies the making of the photo. Whether it's about the light and the quality of light. There is lighting from the front, side, or from behind the object. There is also a soft light, to photograph women and children, and the light is hard to photograph him.

Above all, it needed insight into the aesthetic of each photographer. The beauty of what will be disclosed is highly dependent on the insights of each person. For the people of Papua, the essence of beauty is different than those of Java. Therefore, idioms and symbolism became very relative-subjective. The wider the horizon, the richer the power capability also said.

After all, photography is part and parcel of the art. There are rules Art contained therein. The photographer must understand the elements of aesthetic, so the photograph beautiful views, pleasing to the eye.

Recently, photos are not only beautiful but also must be an implicit message in it. There is something to be conveyed. Connoisseurs were expected to capture the message and contemplate the meaning contained.

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